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Abhishek Mukherjee looks at 16-Bollywood movies based on cricket. is a deaf-and-mute with the sole aspiration to bowl fast and play cricket for India against.Cricket betting information on international and domestic cricket as well as. The Best Place For Cricket Betting And Cricket Odds. the gambling scourge of cricket.

Should betting be legalized in India. and the Casinos already exist in India. So when gambling already. 3- cricket is like a worship in india.Gambling Laws and Regulation in India. India has a huge population of well over one billion people. It is, therefore, probably no surprise that there are plenty of people who enjoy gambling in this region. Sports betting is very popular, particularly on cricket, as is horse racing betting.If government wants to make revenue from gambling then they can make a few centers for gambling in tourist places.

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Point: Legalising betting is not at all a favourable idea because it adversely affects the spirit and sportsmanship of the game.Betting involves addiction and its legalisation would have a worse impact on social stability.In the end,social stabilisation is far more important than economic development.Even so, much of the narrative in the section above was true 10 years ago.So i think we as a country should not be so conservative and supportive in our approach and should legalize gambling for growth of a country as a whole.Early Betting Preview of India vs New Zealand ODI. It’s important to work with complete information when betting on cricket,. the gambling scourge of cricket.

Point: Gambling is not bad its depands on indivisuals And how gamblers damble. we can link it with our economic benifit.The mismanagement of Indian cricket reveals India’s. scandal Lessons from cricket. of India’s enormous illegal gambling industry (betting on cricket is.Point: gambling is not good for indian is bad for economic development of our country.basically it remove to our mind.Point: we all are taking about that gambling should legalized or but we forgot that gambling is running at mass level, if we consider that gambling will make whole country as gambler, take away saving of common people then we have t take some strong step against it.How you can do online betting in India. Includes information on how to deposit and gamble online using eWallets and other options if you are from India.

Detail description and answer of Gd topic:Gambling/Betting should be legalized in India! BETTING IN CRICKET - SHOULD IT BE MADE LEGAL?.In the end, it boils down to that one cricketer who is induced by a smarmy man in a shiny suit to throw his wicket away or bowl that one very expensive over, with two no-balls and a wide for good measure.

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Point: Gambling should be legalised because it does not affect the people who are rich and have many sources of income but those who have a limited saving are much affected.Yet what happens when a betting company becomes the setting - rather than the protagonist - of a sports corruption scandal.

Introduction of gambling upto a certain amount in government authorised centers in IPL matches could be one of the solution as revenue can be earned out of it, age bar could be set to keep children away from it.The looser person more frusred nd lost your thinking power after that the result is suicide or attempt to suicide so it is eligal and suddenly band the gambling.Point: gambling gives on chance for a pro to test his luck and knowlege of the game.some people follow the game regurly and their talent will help them win money.

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Point: Gambling to certain extent and under laws and regulations could be made legalized so that government can also make money through the taxes on gambling and utilize for development and at the same time it would be under control due to strict laws.

Point: Gambling should not be legalised in our country bcz gambling is only legalised in developed country.there people s have enough money.their wealth condition is gud.and main point is they know their in india many time poor and illiterate people also waste their money in gambling they dont know their limits.they gambled all their money and did suicide.Point: my point of view the gamblimg should not be legalized in india coz if ten peoples plays the gamble only one winsrest of loses their money,time and confidence so for only one man why should we waste 9 peoples lives.Considering such examples Government should not legalize the gambling in any way.Once gambling is taken place between countries then once problem arises it leads to war also. so in my point of view gambling should be avoided. Thanks.Now what if a corrupt bookie knows this cricketer is going to fail.

That single tournament in the Indian summer attracts a disproportionate amount of betting money.In contrast, golf is not a mass sport in India and there is no great interest in betting on it.Point: in my view gambling should be legalized but a strong eye should be kept on this business as a completely free and legalized gambling will make more people come towards it and even can lead them to commit crime.The methodology of fixing - or attempted fixing, since very few matches have been proven to have been fixed - has also evolved.It accepts bets online from registered punters who pay using a credit card.

But these places should be far from reach of common man so common man can go there once in a year and enjoy this evil game of gambling.Gambling on cricket in India owes much to the communication networks of the 20th and 21st centu-ries. The introduction of radio (1924) and television (1959).Point: if gambling is legalized, corrupt people will have more ways to legalise their black money. a more convinient way of corruption will start with this.

Point: In country like India where not even a single low enforcing agencies are free to investigate, how can we expect that this Gambling can happen in regulated manner.Point: Gambling is not accepted in a society like ours.It not only makes a person falls in a state of depression,but a person becomes addicted to it and eventually a person loses everything which he has earned through his hard work.India, a country where cricket is treated as a religion and. How to Bet on Cricket Online in India 2017. Gambling History of India. Gambling is no new concept.Point: no, this gambling should not be introduced in cricketin india people worships cricket and on legalizing gambling here more cases of spot fixing and match fixing will occur which will hurt peoplenumber of suicides will increase because when people lost money their mental strength reduces.Point: we can legalize gambling for only people having more than 12 lak. annual income in this way we will allow only those having excess money and educated. this will solve problem of gaining more revenue for govt. and not harm common man.

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Point: gambling should not be legalize because if it is so then player have no teamspirit and they play game only for themselves not for the country.

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Gambling is a pastime for the idle, but provide employment to the enterprising.The secretive network of Indian (or South Asian) bookies and their mobile phones, complete with their code language, still dominated cricket-related gambling and fixing.